Charities We Support

Making a difference through support and partnerships

Join us as we shine a light on the incredible charities we support, each chosen for their impactful work and alignment with our values of community, compassion, and growth.

Susan G. Komen

We are proud partners with Susan G. Komen in Oklahoma City, honoring breast cancer survivors in a unique and memorable way. Each year, during the annual Pink Tie Ball, we provide complimentary headshots for survivors, capturing their strength and spirit. In addition to celebrating these incredible individuals, we also document the event through our lenses, providing a visual narrative of the night’s festivities. Our involvement is a testament to our commitment to supporting meaningful causes and celebrating the resilience of those who have battled breast cancer.

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Art With A Heart OKC

Art With A Heart is an annual philanthropic art auction. This significant event benefits three remarkable organizations dedicated to supporting children facing cancer: the Oklahoma Children’s Cancer Association, Cavett Kids Foundation, and The K Club, with the generous sponsorship of the Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter of Oklahoma City, Edmond, & Norman.

In preparation for the auction, we take on the task of carefully scanning and prepping all the artwork contributed by the young artists at the center of this event. Our role ensures that each piece is presented in its best light, ready to captivate and inspire attendees. This auction not only showcases the power of art to uplift and heal but also unites our community in support of children and families navigating the challenges of cancer. Join us in making a difference through the beauty of art.

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Other Charities Whose Events We’ve Captured

Infant Crisis Center in Oklahoma City is a beacon of hope for families in need, offering crucial support through the provision of essential items. By appointment, caregivers can access formula, food, diapers, blankets, clothing, and a range of other basic necessities, ensuring that the youngest members of our community receive the care and comfort they deserve. This organization stands as a vital resource, dedicated to alleviating the immediate needs of infants and toddlers facing crisis situations.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) in Oklahoma City plays a pivotal role in the fight against blood cancers. Committed to funding research, providing patient support, and advocating for lifesaving treatments, LLS offers hope and help to those affected by leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma. Through community engagement, fundraising events, and educational initiatives, LLS in Oklahoma City is at the forefront of the battle to end blood cancers, making a significant impact on the lives of patients and their families in the local community and beyond.


Meals on Wheels is a vital community program dedicated to addressing hunger and social isolation among the elderly and disabled populations. This essential service delivers nutritious meals directly to the homes of those unable to prepare food for themselves, ensuring they receive the nourishment needed to maintain their health and well-being. Beyond the meals, the program provides a valuable social connection, as volunteers offer a friendly smile and a check-in for many who might otherwise experience loneliness.


The Cavett Kids Foundation supports children battling life-threatening illnesses in the Oklahoma City area and beyond. Dedicated to fostering resilience, joy, and a sense of normalcy, this remarkable organization offers a variety of programs designed to address the emotional, physical, and social needs of young patients and their families. From summer camps and leadership programs to hospital-based educational initiatives, the Cavett Kids Foundation ensures that every child feels valued, understood, and empowered despite their medical challenges. By emphasizing personal growth, community, and fun, the foundation helps these brave young individuals to thrive, not just survive, in the face of their health battles, making an indelible impact on their lives and the broader community.


The American Lung Association in Oklahoma City is a vital part of the nationwide effort to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. Through its work in OKC, the organization focuses on education, advocacy, and research to combat lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, lung cancer, and more. The American Lung Association provides critical resources for individuals affected by lung conditions, including support groups, educational materials, and cutting-edge research funding. It also plays a significant role in advocating for policies that reduce air pollution and tobacco use, two major contributors to lung diseases.


The Autism Foundation is a pivotal organization committed to improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. With a focus on education, advocacy, and support, the foundation works tirelessly to increase awareness of autism, promote research into its causes and treatments, and provide resources for those affected. Through a variety of programs, including early intervention services, educational workshops, and community outreach initiatives, the Autism Foundation seeks to create a more inclusive society where individuals with autism can thrive.


The Care Center, based in Oklahoma City, is an essential nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of child abuse prevention and providing comprehensive support services to children who have experienced abuse. As the only child advocacy center in Oklahoma County, The Care Center plays a crucial role in coordinating investigations and interventions in child abuse cases, working closely with multidisciplinary teams that include medical professionals, law enforcement, child protective services, and mental health experts.


Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to building and improving homes in partnership with families in need of decent and affordable housing. In its mission to ensure everyone has a safe place to live, Habitat for Humanity engages volunteers, community members, and future homeowners themselves in the construction and renovation of houses, creating tangible change one home at a time.


Hilltop Clinic mission is the belief that everyone deserves access to healthcare, providing comprehensive healthcare services to individuals and families, regardless of their ability to pay. This nonprofit clinic is dedicated to ensuring that all community members have access to quality medical care, including preventive services, chronic disease management, and acute care.

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