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Party Pics 360 Booth

With our Party Pics 360 Booth, we provide more than just a booth; we provide an immersive, interactive, and shareable experience that your guests will not soon forget.

How it works!

Our Party Pics 360 Booth elevates your event to a whole new level. Featuring a center platform capable of accommodating up to 4 adults at a time, this innovative booth captures a dynamic 360 video of your guests. We invite event-goers to dance, have fun, and get creative with their poses, creating engaging and memorable content that brings the energy of your event to life.

Features of the Party Pics 360 Booth

This unique booth is perfect for a range of occasions including Galas, Corporate Events, Wedding Receptions, Proms, and more!

Further enhancing the Party Pics 360 Booth experience, we offer an optional LED light-up background to add extra flair to your setup. However, if you prefer a background of your own or if your venue already exudes a unique charm, the LED surround is completely optional.

Our Party Pics 360 Booth requires a 20′ x 20′ space for setup with the LED surround, or just a 12′ x 12′ area without it. Allow us approximately two hours for setup to ensure everything is perfect for your event. The booth is available to rent for a minimum of three hours.

One of the most cherished features of the Party Pics 360 Booth is the final product – a MOV file that is texted directly to one of the participants. This video is easily shareable on social media profiles, making it a hit among event hosts who value instant, effortless social sharing of their event. Additionally, we can customize these videos by adding small logos or artwork, allowing you to create a branded memento of your event.

Keep in mind when renting for your next event:

  • If using the LED surround, we will need at least 20′ x 20′ of space for setup
  • If not using the LED surround, we only need 12′ x 12′ setup area
  • We do require at least 2 hours to complete setup of the booth
  • The booth is available to rent for a minimum of 3 hours
  • The final product is a MOV file that is texted to one participant and it is easily sharable to social profiles (event hosts love this feature)
  • We can add music, small logos and artwork to the videos

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